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Aternatives To Nursing Home Care In Louisiana (Lafayette )

Alternatives to traditional nursing home care are available; some are covered by long-term care Medicaid and some require private payments.  Medicaid (other than long-term care Medicaid), Medicare, or private insurance could cover some of the costs of home health for limited periods of time.  Some alternatives allow patients to live in facilities less restrictive than nursing homes and others allow the disabled to remain in their home.

Elderly & Disabled Adults (E/DA) Waiver

Due to the high demand for these services and the limited number of slots available each year, the wait for these services in Louisiana is presently 2-3 years.

Adult Day Health Care Waiver

The wait for these services in Louisiana is approximately 6-8 months.  There are some areas of the state where these services are not presently available.

New Opportunities Waiver (NOW)

NOW is intended to provide specific, activity focused services rather than continuous custodial care.

II. Alternatives That Require Private Payments Or Insurance
A.  Assisted Living Facilities- a combination of housing and personalized supportive services, designed to meet the care needs of residents requiring assistance with or supervision of daily activities of living but that can still maintain a high degree of independence.  Some of the services and amenities provided by Assisted Living Facilities are:

B. Apartments for the Elderly - provide limited (if any) direct assistance with care of residents but may provide some level of supervision, group activities, or meals.  The physical lay-out is generally focused on meeting special care needs of the elderly and/or disabled. Rent is often based on income.
C. Medical Care in the Home through Home Health Agencies- some of these services are actually covered by Medicaid (other programs outside the long-term care program), Medicare, and private health insurance.
D. Sitter Services/Personal Care in the home- provides non-medical assistance in the home of the patient with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and transportation.  Also can provide companionship, respite care, and 24 hour live in services. Sitter services are generally paid by private insurance or private payments by the family.  Medicaid covers these services but only through the EDA and NOW waivers that are very limited in the number available each year and the type of services provided.  Medical and financial assessments are necessary to determine eligibility for the waivers.  (See information in the waiver section for specific details.)
E. Hospices - Hospice care may be received in the home or in a nursing home for those persons who generally have 6 months or less to live.  There are some non-profit hospices that charge fees based on income and Medicaid also covers some hospice services.  Others require private insurance or private payments by the family.  Services provided include pain management, respite for the caretaker, and emotional and spiritual support.
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