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Louisiana Long-Term Medicaid Facts And Figures (As of January 2009)


Long-term care Medicaid covers nursing home care, care in the home by personal attendant through the waiver program, adult day health care, and MR group homes.

INCOME LIMITS FOR INDIVIDUAL: $2,022 gross per month
While Louisiana is an income cap state, those with more income than the cap can still qualify for Medicaid in a nursing home setting if the monthly income for the individual is less than the facility monthly charge. However, the income cap is strictly adhered to for the in-home waiver services, such as Personal Care Attendant.

Income consists of retirement or pension income, social security or SSI payments, monthly VA pensions (but not the Aid & Attendance portion of VA), monthly annuity income, oil and gas royalties, interest income, wages from employment, rental or lease income, etc. When there is a stay-at-home spouse, only the income of the applicant is considered for eligibility.

This is the maximum amount of the institutionalized person’s monthly income that can be kept by the community spouse.  Example: Mr. A in the nursing home has $2500 in income.  Mrs. A at home has social security of $600.

Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance: $2,739
Mrs. A’s Social Security - 600
$2,139 is the amount of Mr. A’s income that Mrs. A gets to keep.

This is the maximum amount of total assets or resources that an individual can own to qualify for long-term care Medicaid and this includes checking and savings accounts, CDs, stocks and bonds, money market accounts, appraised value of any property other than home property, certain annuities and other investment accounts, certain retirement accounts if surrender value is available to applicant, the cash value of life insurance with face value greater than $10,000, the appraised value of boats, campers, trailers, or RVs, contents of safety deposit box, and anything else of monetary value.

This is the maximum amount of total assets or resources that a couple can own to qualify for long-term care Medicaid and it includes all of the items stated above.


  1. Home and contiguous property up to $500,000 in value
  2. One vehicle of any value
  3. Life insurance with face value of $10,000 or less per person
  4. Irrevocable pre-need burial policy of any reasonable value
  5. Personal and household belongings
  6. Burial plot, crypt, headstone, mausoleum, etc.

These resources are not counted as part of the total available resources to determine eligibility for long-term care Medicaid.  In other words, their value is exempt from consideration at the time of eligibility as long as they are not sold.  However, it is possible that these assets could be subject to estate recovery after the applicant’s death.

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